Flow Energy provides industrial and commercial hot water needs of various industry sectors. Our wide range of equipment and technical expertise ensures that the unique performance and sustainability requirements of each project are met or exceeded.  We provide transportable solutions for hot water that can be used in emergency situations as in a natural disaster or on a permanent basis to ensure that there are no interruptions to the supply of hot water and chemicals to your site.

Hospitality Sector

Guarantee your guests a comfortable stay!
Nobody wants a cold shower!  We understand the critical nature of ensuring reliable heating and cooling plants in hotels, motels, offices and across all hospitality sectors. Flow Energy has options available in prepackaged and modular plant solutions for both new installations and retrofits that are transportable throughout New Zealand. There’s no discomfort when we have done our work!

Education Sector

Keeping our children safe, healthy and warm!
Learning to learn has never been more important and Flow Energy keeps current with the fast-changing and evolving world of school heating and energy requirements. From new builds to existing equipment maintenance solutions, we can ensure your school environment is a comfortable place for your staff and students to spend their time studying.  

Healthcare Sector

Ensure the vulnerable are kept safe!
Hospitals, Aged-care Homes and Medical Facilities are essential to human life and require hot water for numerous tasks on a daily basis.  Flow Energy are expert in keeping the systems running and can provide a solution for any hot water plant requirement that is needed to keep your site safe and ensure that our most vulnerable people are kept comfortable and safe. Flow Energy has a range of plant that is suitable for all hot water and chemical solutions throughout the medical and healthcare sector.

Food & Beverage Sector

Food is the sustenance of human life!
We all need to eat and that means the importance of keeping our food processing and manufacturing plants able to operate smoothly and safely is one we take seriously.  Food processing requires an efficient and accurate operation to ensure that what gets processed is fit for human consumption.  Flow Energy has a range of plant equipment that is fully modular and can be made to fit any circumstances that your site needs to keep it efficiently working and ensure it is easily updated to suit changing circumstances.

Poultry & Dairy Sector

Helping grow the ultimate flavours!
Animal welfare is of utmost importance today and Flow Energy are expert in assisting you to provide your stock with ideal growing conditions using modern technology to help us. Monitoring return on investment has never been easier with our range of heating & ventilation systems designed especially for your animal's comfort!

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