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Revere™ CO2 Air to Water Heat Pumps

The unique capacity of the Revere™ CO2 Heat Pump to produce 90°C hot water makes it suitable for use in a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential projects, including food processing plants, dairies, shopping centers, apartments, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, aged care, recreational and educational facilities. Revere™ can be adopted with a high level of safety, as the absence of combustion reduces the risk of fire.



Energy Saving

Energy efficient

The Revere CO2 hot water heat pump can save up to 75% heating energy when compared to the traditional electric hot water heater.



The Revere CO2 hot water heat pump uses non-flammable CO₂ refrigerant.


Suited to NZ Conditions

Adaptable to ambient operating temperatures ranging between -5°C to 43°C 

Key Benefits

  • Heats up to 90° C
  • Flexible - can also be used for Domestic Hot Water
  • Ultra Quiet Operation - 60dBa
  • No Combustion
  • Safe - non-flammable CO2 refrigerant
  • Versatile - Suits a wide range of purposes
  • Eco Friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • One Pass Heating

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