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World-class Ventilation & Control System

Delivering energy efficient systems designed to maximize yield and animal welfare at a fraction of the normal running costs, DACS is a well proven package using leading edge technology. It is the way of the future for all poultry growers

corona Inlet
Corona Inlet
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MagFan Inlet
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MagFan One
MagFan One
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Mag Door
Mag Door
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HE740 Exhaust
Exhaust Fan
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Heat exchanger Addair
AddAir Heater
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Why would I choose to install DAC's?

Superior Bird Health

Consistent pad burn score is always below 2 and generally non-existent!

Lower FCR

Consistently lover FCR as a result of superior
atmospheric conditions in the sheds.

Easier Installation

As a result of the lower power demands, the mains cabling and backup generators required can be of a much smaller size.

Easier Cleaning

Instead of tedious cleaning of a huge number of side vents, a simple cleaning ball on a pole is used to clean ceiling fans and ducts reducing shed washing time.

Unrivaled Humidity Control in all Weather Conditions

Consistently and effortlessly achieving shed humidity between 50 to 57% even when it is raining outside. No other system currently on the market can cope with the wet and humid climatic conditions experienced in New

Remote Visibility/Support and Control

Superior management system allows full visibility and adjustment of the shed conditions from any device, anywhere in the world. This also allows for unrivaled back up remote support.

Most Energy Efficient System on the Market

20% more energy efficient than any other system on the market.