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Enerblue heat pump

HP90 Hot Water Heat Pump

Heat pump with natural refrigerant

The ideal solution for industries and complexes that require a large amount of hot water daily.

This CO2 heat pump can achieve a temperature of 90°C even in outside air temperatures of -20°C


Why would you choose a CO2 heat pump?

  • CO2 refrigerant gas is completely natural, there is nothing that is toxic or flammable involved making it a market leader for low environmental impact.
  • The Enerblue heat pump efficiently produces a water temperature of up to 90°C which has not been previously achieved using other heat pumps.
  • There is a chilled water option available which is produced at no extra cost by being a by-product of the heating system.
  • Results in excellent energy efficiency saving up to 350%
  • Handles a wide range of climate conditions operating in a range of ambient air temperature from -20°C to +40°C.


CO2 Heat pumps

90°C max hot water temp

-20°C min outside air temp

The Enerblue heat pump operates with CO2 refrigerant and guarantees a water production temperature of up to 90°C with an external temperature of -20°C.

Energy savings with CO2 heat pump

Maximum energy savings

Saving up to 350%

Large savings are seen where there is high daily hot water consumption. The Enerblue heat pump is the ideal solution for applications where large amounts of water at high temperature are required such as hospitals and hotels.

Environmentally friendly heating solutions

Low environmental impact

Non-toxic & non-flammable

This Enerblue heat pump uses CO2 refrigerant gas which is completely natural. CO2 is recognised as one of the best refrigerants on the market in regardless to the low environmental impact it has.

How does this CO2 heat pump work?



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